The New Roads Health Membership

This all-inclusive program is your concierge addiction recovery plan. We personalize everything to fit your unique situation. Our program is open to professionals and individuals with families who are ready to overcome their addiction to opioids and move beyond suboxone.

Why Join Concierge Telemedicine Membership?

Are you tired of waiting long hours in overcrowded waiting rooms only to receive generic treatments?

If so, then a subscription-based model might be the right choice for you.

Our practice limits our patient load to provide each member with dedicated, individualized care and attention.

As a first-come, first-serve practice, our membership list fills up quickly. However, if you’re interested in joining and we’re already full, we’ll add you to our waiting list.

With a subscription plan, you can easily contact your medical provider via phone, portal, message, or email with any questions or concerns at no additional cost. This provides a hassle-free and convenient way to access quality healthcare.

Our medicine membership is like a concierge service for those seeking tailored addiction therapy that provides sustainable, long-term sobriety.

As membership is limited, we encourage you to secure your spot today.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience personalized healthcare that puts your needs first.

No Insurance? Sign up now with our Membership Program 

Explore our Self-Pay Option for immediate, hassle-free treatment:

For just $199 upfront, access prompt care without the hassle of insurance processing delays. Skip the wait for insurance approval with immediate treatment or opt for a straightforward out-of-pocket payment, perfect for those seeking simplicity.

Experience a personalized care plan designed to improve your overall health outcomes. Our swift response and treatment times save you both time and money. Our ultimate goal is to help you get off opioids as quickly as possible.. 

All inclusive program

Enjoy a range of perks with our treatment program including a comprehensive physical exam, urine drug screen, access to online resources, unlimited messaging with your dedicated care team, and convenient prescription or medication refill services. 


Why miss work or spend time commuting when you can consult your medical provider remotely? Enjoy the convenience of virtual appointments from the comfort of your office, home, or hotel room. A same-day or next-day appointment that start on time and end only when all your questions and concerns have been addressed.  Our telemedicine platform is fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, ensuring your privacy and security while providing you with the care you need, wherever you are.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Empower yourself with tailored health and wellness strategies designed to maximize your potential. At New Roads Health, we prioritize your individual needs, lifestyle, potential risk factors, and personal goals when crafting a customized treatment plan. Collaborate with our team to gain valuable insights and education, ensuring that your plan aligns perfectly with what works best for you..


Experience the benefits of exceptional healthcare without any unexpected surprises. Our commitment is to craft a plan that facilitates your healing journey. With a focus on fewer patients and personalized attention, your doctor can truly understand your unique needs and tailor a plan specifically for you. 


We rely on evidence-based treatments to achieve tangible and lasting outcomes for our patients. We’re committed to closely monitoring your progress throughout your treatment journey.  Together, we’ll work towards ensuring your success and well-being.


Simplify the paperwork process with New Roads Health. Complete your intake forms conveniently and securely online, eliminating the hassle. Additionally, gain unlimited access to a wealth of tools and resources through your secure online patient portal, available anytime. Manage your health and wellness with ease and convenience, all from the comfort of your own home.

Your healing journey starts here

Flexible appointments and virtual care.

Or call — (602) 699-4536

Our mission is to provide safe, confidential, and effective treatment to help professionals and family people break free from opioid addiction.

Same Day Appointments are Available.

New Roads Health Online Suboxone Treatment

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Overall rating out of 47 Google reviews

Juanita Mendivil
2 weeks ago

Excellent and professionally

4 weeks ago

Edlyn Manalo
a month ago

Mateo Manalo
a month ago

M joy
a month ago

Robert Pinlac
a month ago

Madison Black
a month ago

Jackie is so great to work with! She has amazing bedside manner- kind, caring and compassionate.

a month ago

Rose Digdigan
a month ago

Thank you excellent service, attention and a very kind treatment of your collaborators, especially the nurse Claudia, always attentive and very professional

Annie Snyder
a year ago

Outstanding and attentive service! Especially Claudia she goes above and beyond for the office and her patients!

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